Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's time to take a break....

This will be my last post on our blog for quite a while. Not sure if this break will be a couple of months or a couple of years, or possibly even forever, but I have been convicted that I need to take a break from it. I have never "loved" blogging, but did it because so many of my friends had a blog and I felt as though I needed to do one just because they were. I saw it as another thing on my "to-do" list and it often took away precious minutes from my child, now children:) There have often been several times that it came before my time with the Lord because I just wanted to get it done and that caused my time with the Lord to be cut short and rushed.

Having said all of that, I am saying good-bye to the blogging world for a while. Thank you to all of my bajillion fans that followed my blog for the past several years. :) I made our blog into a book today thanks to and I am sure that our family will often enjoy looking back over the memories that we shared on our blog.

Good-Bye Blog World!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Just thought I would share with you three of things that I love so very much.......

Thank you Lord for your sweet blessing in my life. My cup runneth over....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet Little Fairy Princess:)

We had a great little Halloween with the sweetest little princess that we ever did see. We went trick or treating at a local shopping mall on Saturday and then we went to visit Papa Steve and Momma Dawn on Halloween night. Thanks to Sassy for the fairy costume!

 Me and my girl!
We got to take a break from trick or treating and enjoy a puppet show! B LOVED IT!!!
Thrilled about seeing ELMO, but didn't want to get too close:)
B with her
Momma Dawn!
Greeting some trick or treaters with Papa Steve and Momma Dawn.
Thank you Papa Steve for my Halloween treats!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Fun!

I often struggle with what to share/write about on our blog, so I thought I would just simply share what B and I did this morning.......

First, we wrote Get Well cards to our favorite Gamecock. Brantley will tell you that she wrote a card to the "sick gamecock".

Next, we made yummy Rice Krispy Treat Pumpkins!

We pulled out all of our ingredients from the pantry. Rice Crispy cereal, mini marshmallows, butter, mini candies, spice drops, orange food coloring, green icing, and an adorable 2 year-old.

Next, the adorable 2 year-old tasted the mini marshmallows while Mommy melted the butter and the remaining marshmallows.
Then we mixed the crispy rice cereal into the orange colored marshmallows. We then covered the mini chocolate candies with the rice cereal mixture. (sorry, there are no pictures of this because my hands were a mess and so was my 2 year-old)
Finally, we put green icing and a green spice drop on the top for the stem and vine. 
Of course, I then let her have one:) We had so much fun doing this together. Of course, it was super messy and I put her in bath right after doing it, but we had the best time celebrating Fall!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

As promised....

Here are a few pictures from Aiden's room. Please notice the precious 2 year old that tried her hardest to be in each and every picture:)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's Official!

I am the world's worst blogger! I love to read other people's blogs, I love how it reflects their heart and what is going on in their life and family. I love to talk to the computer screen as I read their blogs and say how much I enjoy reading their blog or wish I could cook like them, or was creative like they were, or could decorate like they can and how much I am  usually in the same position that they are in when it comes to raising a 2 year old. But, when it comes time for me to sit in front of the computer and write something on MY blog, I can't think of anything interesting to type or anything worth sharing on the World Wide Web! All I can think about is other people's blogs and how I wish I would have thought about writing what they wrote.

I am really good at posting pictures though.......especially when I have this adorable little girl to take pictures of (and the HOT hubby too!!!)........ We  enjoyed a nice Saturday together as a family of 3(well, i guess you could say 4. Aiden tagged along as well) last weekend with breakfast at Cracker Barrel and a visit to the Zoo! ENJOY!!!!!!!!

I have two last things to hang on the wall in Aiden's room and then his room is complete. I promise to post pictures as soon as they get on the wall. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Aiden's Room

I have been busy making lists, shopping, and getting things organized around this house for weeks to be all prepared for my little boy's arrival in December. I pretty much nest during the entire 9 months of pregnancy and LOVE it! We decided to name our boy Aiden Jakob. Aiden is just a name that Eric and I both liked and agreed upon. It means "little fighter". Jakob is Eric's middle name and we knew that we wanted it to be our son's middle name because Brantley has my middle name, Renee.
My mom came and stayed with Brantley and me this weekend so we were able to get several projects completed for Aiden Jakob's room. My mom is probably one of the most talented people I know on the face of this earth! Thought I would share a couple of our completed projects with you! I will post more pictures once the room is complete.
These are simple frames and I just covered the plain, boring, white mattes with some leftover curtain and pillow fabric.
 Box valance for the window in the room.
 Personalized pillow for the rocker.
 A couple of pillows for the crib. Don't worry people I am not keeping them in the crib when the kid sleeps. They are only in there for decorations right now.
 These are embroidery hoops that we spray painted an almond color and then put several different coordinating fabrics in them to put on the wall above the crib. I got this idea from an adorable store in Colorado that my friend, Christy, and I visited.